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5 Popular Mobile Applications Of 2016 That Revolutionized Development.

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2016 is coming to an end and before we bid adieu to the year that saw Trump winning Presidency, let’s take a look at the most revolutionary mobile applications of this year.
These applications changed the way wesee our smartphone and completely revamped our whole outlook towards mobile apps.We have chosen five apps from a large pool owing to their uniqueness as well as quirkiness that makes them immensely popular.Let’s take a look at what makes them so marketable.These unique apps are created by an equally unique Mobile App Development companies.Prisma
A cross platform app, Prisma turns photos and videos into artworks using styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Isaac Levitan, along with world famous ornaments and patterns. Prisma displays a smart use of artificial intelligence as it takes an image, breaks it down and turns it into a canvas perfected masterpiece. There is a great chance that you have stumbled upon at least one selfie that’s been transformed using this app.

Google Allo
This Whatsapp rival has set the stage for major modifications in our communications.
Google Allo takes messaging apps to a new level. It is directly integrated with Google Assistant. So as you converse, it will provide smart and personalized reply options that you are most likely to use. Not only that it also gives you search options when you type @Google in message bar that enables you to search for, say, a restaurant reservation when you are planning a dinner date in your conversation. Available for both iOS and Android, this smart app learns as you converse.

Google Duo
Google Duo is a video calling app with a simple user interface sans the messaging feature unlike Skype. With 5 MB size, it definitely makes it a video app of choice. Google has announced that it will soon support audio only format as well that can give cellular companies a run for their money. For Android devices specifically, it has a feature called Knock Knock which enables you to see the person who is calling before you take the call. It operates through cell phone numbers directly so it feels more natural for user to call someone at their phone numbers rather than calling them on their username or email ID.

Earlier available for iOS, Gboard is now available for Android devices as well. A unique app, it allows for glide typing, voice typing plus Google Search built in. That means no more app switching, you can just search and share from your keyboard.
Gboard also has emoji search, GIF search, and multilingual typing that lets you search and share emojis, GIFs and lets you switch languages mid conversation.

Pocket App
My personal favorite, it works as we do. That is, puts up an article to be read for later. So when you stumble upon an interesting article but have no time at your behalf to give it a read, you can put in the virtual pocket on your Smartphone or tablet.

Once saved, you can read that article even without an internet connectivity.
These 5 apps have been creating waves and quite rightfully too. Usoftware, the Mobile App Development Company in Brampton, holds an expertise in mobile application development with emphasis on newer and innovative ideas to take your business to a new level.

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