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Advantages of a custom developed website

When an enterprise is going for an upgradation or a new website for their business expansion, there are mainly two choices, either to hire a Professional Website Developing Firm to build a custom website or to go for the pre-made template on which they themselves can build their website. Although, the latter option is quite alluring as it’s cheap,easy & quick. Just download,customize and there you have something you can call your website. But this cheap antic tells volumes regarding the seriousness of your business and the quality you will be maintaining in your work and products.

On the other hand, a custom made website screams exclusivity and thus, it also sets your business apart from the duplicates. WordPress is basically a widely accepted CMS(Content Management System) which can have both pre-built template and a custom theme for uploading and managing the content of a website. So let’s have a look at the advantages of a custom build website over a template website.

1. Uniqueness Of The Website

A company’s website is the face of a company and just as no two faces are alike, no two websites should be alike as well. A custom build website allows for exclusivity while the same cannot be held true for template websites.A custom developed website retains the branding power of a company and also reflects upon the authenticity of an enterprise.

2. Easy Content Management

A custom developed website is not only easy on the eyes but also it is easy to manage content of a custom build website rather than a template website as it is developed systematically. So with a little training, anyone can edit the content of the website easily.

3. SEO Friendly Website Development

A website that is search engine optimized is easy to be spotted on the Google radar. This makes it easier for your prospective clients to find you. This is the power of a SEO-friendly website. An SEO-friendly website is characterized by a lean code and takes SEO standards into account such as one h1 tag per page, editable meta tags and page slugs, and canonical URLs. This helps in fast loading of the website.

4. Few But High Quality WordPress Plugins

Implementing many plugins in a WordPress website does not ensure better functionality. A website crowded with plugins may be slow to load or even crash due to inter-plugin incompatibility. Third party plugins, theme component may be poorly coded which can makes a website vulnerable for hacking and also clash with the functionality of other important plugins, that can delay loading of website.

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