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Core Web Vitals—the brand new initiative announced by Google in June 2021 provides ranking reports on user experiences. Google already introduced this update on May 28, 2020, to drive a great web page experience. The Core Web Vitals assess the site’s performance based on loading, stability, and responsiveness. Core web vitals are like google’s ranking signal as they measure website optimization metrics.

It has become necessary for SEO and digital marketing professionals to learn aspects of Core Web Vitals. USoftware is helping online businesses wanting to optimize their user experiences. If you are searching for ‘Website Design Company Near Me’, you can unhesitantly reach us. We provide websites meeting the latest Google requirements. As per the latest Google update on website performances, there are three web vital metrics to measure user experience.

LCP-Largest Contentful Paint

LCP is the time taken by a web page to load or the total loading time.

FID-First Input Delay

FID is the total time taken by a page to become interactive. 

CLS-Cumulative Layout Shift

It measures visual stability and the number of unexpected layout shifts within 500ms. You might have observed that page content and other elements get shifted in the viewport causing poor page stability.

How can we measure Core Web Vital metrics?

The Core Web Vital metrics—LCP, FID, and CLS—will report on your site’s user experience. Measurement can be further classified as Good, Needs Improvement, and Poor.

Good <=2.5s <=100ms <0.1s
Needs improvement between 2.5s to 4s between 100ms to 300ms between 0.1s to 0.25s
Poor >4s >300ms >0.25s

You can also test your page’s performance by using some of the existing tools in the Google search engine. Google is smart. It has eased out the performance measurement process by incorporating Core Web Vitals’ capabilities in the following developer tools:

Search Console

google search console

Search Console can help website owners to evaluate pages. You can easily identify pages that need improvement while loading and interacting. If you need help in website optimization as per the latest semantics, get connected with USoftware, one of the best Web Development Companies in Toronto

PageSpeed Insights

Page speed insights

Once you have identified that your site needs improvement, use PageSpeed Insights. The PageSpeed Insights now supports Core Web Vitals to help in evaluating the lab and the field issues. 

Page Speed Insights are accessible via Search Console. And you will be able to conclude whether your page comes under good user experiences or not.



The Lighthouse(6.0, latest version) is an automated website auditing tool that tells on issues as well as opportunities to fix those issues. Use Lighthouse and Chrome Dev Tools to measure Core web vital metrics—LCP and CLS(recently introduced in Lighthouse) and fix the lab issues, if any. Along with assessing the user experience, these metrics also help in measuring performance score.

Also, the third new metric included in the Lighthouse is Total Blocking Time(TBT). It is somewhat similar to FID. 

Lighthouse also identifies potential regressions(if any) before deploying any change on the site.

Chrome UX Report(CrUX)

Chrome UX report

Chrome UX Tools has the feature of providing a customized dashboard for the field and the lab data. It can also tell on your competitors’ real-time user experience. With the latest update, you can easily integrate all three Core Web Vital metrics – LCP, FID, and CLS to measure user experience.

Note: It is not mandatory to have Real User Monitoring to access Core Web Vitals on CrUX.

Web Vitals Extension

Web vitals extension

Web Vitals Extension provides the real-time metrics view of Core Web Vital Metrics. The real-time extension helps in diagnosing issues at an early stage.

How do Core Web Vitals impact Google ranking?

In case you don’t know, Core Web Vitals can boost your website’s ranking. The Core Web Vitals measure user experience based on website speed, responsiveness, and interactive speed. It outlines the experience report it is providing to the visitors. A good user experience will result in more leads, more sales, and more revenue. Resultantly, allowing more traffic will impact our search engine rankings as well.

Google’s new update has made performance maintenance mandatory for improving site rankings.

Do you want to take advantage of Core Web Vitals to improve your Google rankings? Don’t miss the opportunity. Let us help you optimize the user experience for your web. 

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