Email Marketing

Email Marketing

You are all set to begin your email marketing endeavour. But did you consider if your email is going to reach the masses or not? Is it going to strike a chord with the target audience or not?

There is a huge gap between sending a mail and having it read and getting the purpose solved. This gap comprises of open rates, click rates, soft and hard bounces and spam filters. So getting an email in the inbox is one thing and making sure it gets read is a different deal altogether. Before you begin, let’s consider these factors which are imperative in deciding the success rate of your email campaign.


Sending regular emails is a good strategy but the tricky part is how much is too much. This frequency is different for different people so it’s likely that some are not gonna like their accounts to be bombarded with your mails resulting in cancellation of subscription and even being marked as spam.

Before jumping onto a conclusion, it’s better that the consumer is asked how often one wants to receive the emails. It can be asked at the time of subscription or in the footer section of the welcome mail. There could be an online performa attached with the welcome mail asking about the frequency preference.


This is by far the trickiest part. The open and click through rates, soft and hard bounces and spam filters get into play in this factor.

Soft bounces are when your email does not get through due to temporary suspension of the email ID. Sending it again after some days should solve the problem. But if the repeated attempts fail, it’s a hard bounce. That means either the receiver has changed the email ID and you have been sending the mails to the one that is discontinued or you have been spammed.
It’s important to keep in touch with the subscriber through renewed subscriptions that inform about the possible change in ID.

Also, the faulty keywords, too much use of exclamation marks can land your mail in the no man’s land (spam folder). Therefore it’s important how you compose the mail.

Enterprise Web Cloud is such one email marketing platform that takes care of these things in an efficient way. What’s more is an expanded consumer database that readily opts-in for receiving your business mails so can just forget about the whitelist and blacklist for good.


Honestly, what’s a reader of Twilight series to do with Julia Kristeva? Not much I suppose. So how’s that gonna do for your business if you offer special discount on the books by the latter? Not much either.

It’s important to know your consumer base, what they asked for, what they click the most and so and so. The related suggestions are likely to get noticed.

Also, according to statistics, the maximum no of open and click through rates pertained to ecoupons (after religion). So once you know what the consumers want, it should be no herculean task to figure out the rest.


Usoftware’s Wifi marketing platform offers a complete insight into the open and click through rates and even on the coupon redemption which allows you to track the success of your Email Marketing Campaign in real time. This enables you to measure the success of the endeavour immediately rather than a delayed analysis.

According to consumer feedback, they would rather hear about the offers and schemes through email rather than sms or any other mean.

Thus a careful analysis of the consumer base and marketing strategy can help you use email marketing in the favor of your business.

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